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Online learning is a convenient way to study in your own time and at your own pace. We offer online courses in a diverse range of subjects - some of which are mapped to our prestigious Qualifications. And you can sign-up to all our Online Learning Courses here today (all purchases on our site are 100% secure).

Some of our qualification-based courses are also available at select Training Centres around the UK - click here to find a centre near you. And, if you operate a Training Centre, find out about offering our Online Learning Courses direct to your learners here.

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Our online learning platform, RSPH Learn, has a range of high-quality, industry-recognised RSPH qualifications.

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Our online courses

The following Online Courses are all available to purchase or access for free today. Click on the titles to see the full details - including individual pricing and multiple purchase discounts.

RSPH Level 1 - Health Improvement

If you’re starting out in a career in health and social care, this course is a great introduction to promoting and understanding healthy lifestyles.

Optional Classroom Assessment; CPD eligible

RSPH Level 2 - Understanding Health Improvement

This online course covers all you need to know if you’re interested in working or volunteering in a role to improve the health of people around you .

Optional Classroom Assessment; CPD eligible

RSPH Level 1 - Food Hygiene Awareness

This course covers the essentials of Food Hygiene and is ideal for people working with and serving food to others.

Optional Classroom Assessment; CPD eligible.

RSPH Level 2 - Food Safety and Hygiene

This course covers the essentials of Food Safety and Hygiene - including all you need to know if you work in a Catering, Hospitality or a Food Manufacturing environment.

Optional Classroom Assessment; CPD eligible.

Campylobacter: Facts and Prevention Strategies

This online course covers the essentials of Campylobacter Prevention, including the sources of this type of food poisoning and how to keep your food hygienic.

No Assessment; CPD eligible.

Salmonella: Facts and Prevention Strategies

This course covers the essentials of Salmonella Prevention - helping you keep the food you prepare and serve to others as safe as possible. 

No Assessment; CPD eligible.

Coming Soon: RSPH Level 2 - Understanding HACCP

This course covers the essentials of HACCP and is ideal for people working with and serving food to others.

No Assessment; CPD eligible.

Level 2 Understanding Health Improvement for Healthy Living Pharmacies

This course provides pharmacies with the information and regulated qualification you need to register as a Healthy Living Pharmacy

No Assessment; CPD eligible.

Mental Health: Looking After Your Self-ie

This programme is designed to encourage meaningful and healthy social media use by educating users on the potential harms and benefits of social media platforms.

Information Only - No Assessment

Sleep: Understanding Sleep - Don't Hit Snooze on your Health

This programme provides useful information, relevant to all members of the general public, around the important link between sleep and health and wellbeing.

Information Only - No Assessment

Gambling: Understanding and Responding to Gambling-Related Harm

This free online course has been developed with charity GambleAware. This resource will provide useful guidance and information to address risks and harms related to problematic gambling.

Information Only - No Assessment

Dementia: Dementia and the Arts - Sharing Practice, Developing Understanding and Enhancing Lives

This free online course has been developed by University College London (UCL) and Created Out of Mind, with an interdisciplinary team of scientists, visual artists, musicians, researchers, broadcasters, clinicians, people living with dementia and carers.

Information Only - No Assessment


Corporate Online Learning Packages

We can work with you to provide online learning for a group of your colleagues or incorporate online learning into our Workplace Training packages, contact us to find out more.

RSPH can work with you to create an online learning programme that helps meet your organisation’s mission and objectives. Get in touch to talk about commissioning an online learning programme. 

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