How do I find a Centre to do the qualification I am interested in?

Please visit our Find a qualification section to locate the qualification you wish to take; you can then see which centres offer it near you.

I have lost my certificate, can I order a replacement?

Visit our Learner support section to find out how to obtain a replacement certificate.

I want to make a complaint

If you would like to make a complaint to RSPH Qualifications, please read our guidance.

Do you provide assessments in languages other than English?

RSPH sometimes receive requests from centres for multiple-choice examination papers to be provided in languages other than English. The Ofqual conditions stipulate that an awarding organisation must ensure that all Learners taking its qualifications in England are assessed in English. However, an AO is able to assess Learners in other languages if one of the primary objectives of the qualification is “to support a role in the workplace, providing that proficiency in English is not required for the role supported by the qualification.”

So if a Learner does not need to be able to speak and understand English in order to carry out their role (for example, if there is no need to understand signs in the workplace or documentation that is written in English) it would be permissible for the Learner to be assessed in another language.

However, providing exam papers in a foreign language is expensive, so RSPH would only be able to consider this if there was sufficient demand.

If you would like RSPH to provide you with multiple-choice examination papers  in a foreign language, and providing this would not contravene the above conditions, please let us know what language you would require, and evidence of the likely demand for exam papers in that language.



I am interested in registering as a centre with the RSPH, who should I contact?

You can find out more about registering as a centre in our Become a centre section. If you have further questions, please contact us.

How do I book an exam or order papers?

You can book exams or order papers in our Centre Area.

I am a centre, how do I update my details?

You can update your details in our Centre Area.

I want to make a complaint

If you would like to make a complaint to RSPH Qualifications, please read our guidance.



Where can I find the syllabus and/or specimen exam papers for a particular qualification?

You can download the syllabus and, if assessment is by MCQ, find a specimen paper against the relevant qualification in our Find a qualication section.

Are there any teaching resources such as power-point slides to support delivery?

There are resources for a number of our qualifications in our Centre Area. Please note that these are for RSPH-registered centres only.

Can a qualification assessed by RSPH workbook be assessed differently?

Qualifications which require application and skill can be assessed by appropriate activities which meet all the learning outcomes. Centres can design assessments and collate the evidence into a portfolio. A candidate’s marked portfolio is then submitted for external verification.

Where can I find RSPH’s prior learning policy?

You can find our prior learning policy here.