We are dedicated to raising awareness of issues that impact on the public's health.

Our campaigns draw attention to particular issues, calling a wide range of organisations, local authorities and government to make changes that will improve health and wellbeing for all.

Alcohol calorie labelling

The public’s health is under threat from an obesity epidemic and harm caused by irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

flash points

flash points is a photography competition held by RSPH in partnership with the Royal Photographic Society

Health on the High Street

The aim of this campaign is to work with businesses to better improve the health of their community and ensure that local authorities have the powers they need to curtail business practices which may undermine the public’s health.

Smokefree Communities

In 2007, smoking in enclosed public spaces in the UK was banned. This landmark step has reduced smoking-related harm, but we can and must go further to help the UK kick the habit for good.

Young Health Movement

The Young Health Movement is a peer driven approach to raising public health awareness among young people