How Has Covid-19 Affected eLearning and Assessment?

We are now operating assessments remotely. If you choose to purchase an eLearning course with the assessment to gain the official qualification, our eLearning team will be in touch to book in your assessment and provide any support necessary. Please note that when you complete any of our paid-for eLearning courses (with or without an invigilated assessment), you will receive an RSPH CPD Completion Certificate.

If you have any questions about our eLearning assessments, feel free to email our eLearning team, or call us on: 020 7265 7372. Stay safe!

Which RSPH Qualifications are Available as eLearning Courses?

The following RSPH qualifications are available as eLearning courses. Each course is mapped to the syllabus of the qualification, and include revision quizzes and a practice assessment to prepare you for the corresponding Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) assessment. You can follow the links to each course for more information, and find out more about assessment options here.

RSPH Level 1 - Health Improvement

RSPH Level 2 - Understanding Health Improvement

RSPH Level 1 - Food Hygiene Awareness

RSPH Level 2 - Food Safety and Hygiene

Coming soon - RSPH Level 2 - Understanding HACCP

We offer bulk discounts on all courses, and can facilitate centres and organisations enrolling groups of learners onto one or multiple of our courses. Please get in touch for more information.

These are currently the only RSPH qualifications available online. If you are interested in an alternative qualification, please select from the Find a Qualification webpage, and get in touch with training centres directly for course dates and prices.

How do I Purchase an RSPH eLearning Course?

You can purchase an eLearning course by visiting the course page listed on our eLearning Homepage. Here you will be able to select a course (with or without an assessment to gain a qualification), add it to your basket and complete your purchase.

If you’d like to add multiple courses to your basket, please select the 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' link displayed at the bottom of your basket and add your chosen additional courses. You will then receive one set of user details to access your chosen courses.

Once you have made your purchase you will receive a confirmation email and we will be in touch with joining instructions.

If you have any further questions about purchasing an eLearning course you can email the RSPH eLearning team.

How do I Log into my eLearning Account?

You can log into your RSPH eLearning account from the eLearning homepage on the RSPH website, by selecting the eLearning Students link.

If you are having difficulties accessing your account, please ensure you are not attempting to log in to the RSPH Member or Centre Areas.

I've Forgotten my eLearning Login Password. How do I Recover it?

If you have forgotten your eLearning account details, you can request a new password through the eLearning login page or by emailing the RSPH eLearning Team.

How do I Navigate Through an eLearning Course?

To navigate through our eLearning programmes, you need to use the 'And' buttons either side of the page. You can access all the topics from the 'Main Menu' screen within the eLearning programme, but be aware that for some of our courses, you must complete the topics in chronological order. You can access the 'Main Menu' at any time by clicking on the 'Menu' button at the bottom left of each screen.

The online eLearning platform tracks your progress, so you can complete your course in multiple sittings. However, in order to track your progress, you must make sure that you access the course from the same device and browser each time.

Our programmes can be accessed via a computer, tablet or smartphone. However, the design and layout of some of our programmes has been optimised for a computer/larger screen. If you do not have access to a computer or tablet, please access the course in portrait mode.

I have Completed my Course – will I Receive a Certificate?

If you have completed a course that you purchased from our website, you will receive an electronic CPD certificate upon completion. You will find instructions on how to access your certificate at the end of the course - alternatively, please get in touch with us.

You will have access to one certificate per course, in the original account holder’s name, so please purchase one course per user.

If you decide to sit an assessment for one of our courses that are mapped to an RSPH Qualification, please contact the RSPH eLearning team to organise your assessment. Upon successful completion of the assessment, you will receive a certificate from RSPH in the post to your agreed address. 

Please be aware that we do not offer certificates for our free eLearning programmes.

How do I Book an Assessment with RSPH?

If you would like to take an assessment to gain a qualification from your eLearning programme, please choose the assessment option at checkout. 

Exams will follow the same format as the practice assessment and will be invigilated online under exam conditions.

There are a number of options available for taking an assessment. Please visit our Assessment Options page for more information, or contact the RSPH eLearning team for enquiries.