Level 1 Health Improvement Online Course 

This course covers the essentials of Health Improvement, including how to recognise what healthy habits are and how to encourage them in others. 

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In a culture where people frequently work long hours, juggle their career and family commitments and commute long distances, knowing how to take care of your mental and physical health is vital. As well as being beneficial for your own wellbeing, knowing methods to encourage others to make healthy choices are sought after skills at work and in voluntary roles.

The Level 1 Health Improvement online learning course covers keys areas of personal wellbeing, including the individual changes you can make to improve your health from today. For anyone who is keen to learn how to champion and improve the health of communities, the course includes an outlining of the health inequalities that exist within societies and what can be done to address these.

The course has been designed by our tutors to make the whole learning experience engaging, straightforward and painless. Similarly, the learning material is interactive, split into manageable bite-size sections and created to be as flexible as possible, to fit around your busy schedule!

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Aims of the Course

The RSPH Level 1 Health Improvement Online Learning Course teaches you all you need to know about encouraging people in your community to make healthy choices. There’s a myriad of information about health and wellbeing available that can be overwhelming to follow - this course presents the essential information you need about healthy lifestyles that is practical and easy to digest. You'll learn what public health advances have been made over the years, how lifestyle choices affect our health and simple steps to improve your own wellbeing.

On completion, you'll understand:

  • how inequalities in health may develop and what the current policies are for addressing these
  • how effective communication can support health messages
  • how to promote improvements in health and wellbeing to individuals
  • the impact of change on improving an individual's health and wellbeing


Course details:

  • six hours of study
  • six CPD points
  • optional assessment to obtain official qualification
  • easy to navigate online resources
  • created and accredited alongside the RSPH official qualification
  • auto-saves your progress so can be completed in multiple sittings

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Who is the Course aimed at?

The Level 1 Health Improvement Online Learning Course is ideal for you if you work in or are planning a career in a health and social care related career. The roles this covers are varied and exciting; from workplace Health Champions to Community Health Workers, thousands of people across the UK contribute to helping improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and organisations.

As well as individuals looking to learn about health improvement, the course has also been developed for companies who would like to improve the overall wellbeing of their employees. We recommend the course if you are a business who would like to understand better what workplace practices you could adopt to boost the mental and physical health of your staff.


How much does the Course Cost?

All our online courses are priced competitively and offer great value-for-money. The cost of the RSPH Level 1 Health Improvement Online Learning Course, depends on whether you select the Course Only or the Course + Assessment bundle. And how many courses you intend to buy (see Volume Discount below):

  • Course only: £35 each
  • Course + assessment: £78.00 each

Optional Assessment

Learners have the option to take an eAssessment for this qualification, which leads to the Level 1 Award in Health Improvement qualification. However, taking the course - even without the eAssessment - will still provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge you need without the formal qualification certificate.


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How do you access the Course? And how long does it take to complete?

All course materials are accessed through our interactive online platform RSPH Learn. (you need to be connected to the internet). You can purchase the course by visiting our Learning Catalogue in My RSPH. If you do not have an account you must first register here. You can buy a course for yourself, or multiple to assign to other learners. If you are buying a course for yourself, you should tick the ‘assign course to yourself’ box at the check-out.

The course topics are split out, with Revision Quizzes to test your knowledge, as you work through the modules. It can be paused and restarted whenever you like, and you have six months to complete the course. The entire course involves roughly six hours of study. On successful completion, you'll receive an RSPH CPD Completion Certificate and six CPD points.

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Course Contents

The course is split into the four key sections - with interactive elements to maintain your attention and make learning easier. At the end of each section, you'll find a Revision Quiz to help boost your learning. And, after completing the final topic, the Practice Assessment will help you prepare for the RSPH Level 1 Award in Health Improvement qualification assessment (if that's what you want to do).
PART 1: What is meant by Health and Wellbeing?
Definitions of what health and wellbeing are can vary and be confusing. The first topic cuts through all the noise and explores the accepted definition of health and wellbeing from the World Health Organisation and how this can be applied in our day to day lives. It also introduces learners to the ‘dimensions of health model’, a widely-applied academic theory which covers six kinds of personal health. These include emotional, spiritual and social health, which when looked after, work together to create an individual’s good health.

PART 2: Improvements in Public Health
It’s easy to forget the huge achievements that have been made to the public’s health over the years. From the smoking ban to the introduction of the childhood flu vaccine, it’s important to reflect on how far public health has come. In the second topic, learners will understand advances that have been made in public health that have resulted in large scale improvements in the health and life expectancy of the population. These include the positive changes that have been made over the decades to housing, sanitation, vaccinations and smoking.

PART 3: How Lifestyle Affects Health and Wellbeing
Our lifestyles affect our overall wellbeing in a multitude of ways. How much sleep we get, what we eat, how much we move, where we live – it all plays a part in how healthy and happy we feel. The third module introduces learners to how lifestyle behaviours may have a positive or negative impact on our health. It also explores the potential reasons why people make healthy or unhealthy lifestyle choices and how to gravitate towards behaviours that have long-term benefits. By the end of the module, learners will also be able to identify long-lasting health conditions that are linked to some common but negative lifestyle choices.

PART 4: Know how to Improve Your Own Health
Understanding how to look after your own well-being is incredibly valuable when it comes to safeguarding your physical and mental health. In the final topic, learners will be introduced to how lifestyle changes can improve our overall health and how to achieve them in ways which are manageable and achievable. Learners will also learn how to identify the benefits of these changes and to maintain them in the long-term.


Once you've completed the course, you can apply to receive an electronic RSPH CPD Completion Certificate. Find out more about the assessment options available here.


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