If you would like to take the respective qualification on completion of the e-learning programme, you will need to register for the official examination at an approved RSPH Centre.

Exams will follow the same format as the practice assessment and will be invigilated under exam conditions.

There are three options available for taking the assessment:

1. Assessment at the RSPH London Office

RSPH offers exam sessions for those wishing to take the assessment for any of our qualifications. If you would like to sit the assessment at our head office in London, please purchase e-learning course with assessment through our online shop, and contact us to receive further instructions.

RSPH can also work with organisations interested in providing e-learning and assessment to arrange for invigilated assessment in-house. If you plan to train a group of your colleagues using e-learning, this is particularly useful as assessment dates can be organised at your convenience.

2. Book your assessment with an approved RSPH Centre

E-learning users can register for an assessment at an approved RSPH Centre. Please purchase the e-learning course without assessment through our online shop, and select the relevant link below to search for an assessment centre that is convenient to you. Please contact centres directly to book your assessment.

Your organisation can register to become an RSPH Centre in order to offer assessments and other RSPH qualifications.

3. In-house assessment for pharmacies

Pharmacies working towards joining the Healthy Living Pharmacy register can invigilate the Level 2 Understanding Health Improvement assessment in-house. Please purchase the e-learning with assessment through the online shop, and contact us to receive further instructions.

Please do not purchase the e-learning option with assessment via our shop unless you intend on sitting the assessment at RSPH head office. Please call Bridie on 020 7265 7316 for more information.