Level 1 Food Hygiene Awareness Online Course 

This course covers the essentials of Food Hygiene and is ideal for people working with and serving food to others.

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Running a catering business or managing employees who work with food can be extremely fulfilling. Food service is an industry that has endless opportunities for growth and is perfect for people who are passionate about food and giving others amazing experiences.

However, good food hygiene is essential for maintaining a clean cooking environment (and your reputation). If you or your employees come into contact with food that’s being served to others, you need to have an understanding of food hygiene standards. By taking the Level 1 Food Hygiene Awareness Online Learning Course, you will learn everything you need to know about best practice food hygiene, what the main causes of food poisoning are and what your responsibilities as a food handler are.

The course has been designed by our tutors to make the whole learning experience engaging, straightforward and painless. Similarly, the learning material is interactive, split into manageable bite-size sections and created to be as flexible as possible, to fit around your busy schedule!

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Aims of the Course

The Level 1 Food Hygiene Awareness Online Learning course will equip you with all the information you need to work safely with food. This includes learning how to prepare and serve food hygienically - eliminating any chances of people catching food poisoning. By the end of the course, you'll have a good working knowledge of the most important issues around food safety - including Personal Hygiene, Work Area Cleanliness and the Risks that come with Unhygienic Food.

On completion, you'll understand:

  • the need for food hygiene
  • the importance of food poisoning bacteria
  • hygiene procedures and food safety management systems


Course details:

  • four hours of study
  • four CPD points
  • easy to navigate online resources
  • optional assessment to obtain a qualification
  • created and accredited alongside the RSPH official qualification
  • auto-saves your progress so can be completed in multiple sittings

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Who is the Course aimed at?

The Level 1 Food Hygiene Awareness Online Learning Course is essential if you’re starting out in a role that involves food preparation or run a business where your employees are responsible for food presentation tasks like cleaning tables. It’s a legal requirement that anyone who handles food for other people needs to receive training in food safety, so this course is essential for anyone who hasn’t already done a food safety course.

Outside of restaurants and catering companies, food preparation and service is involved in many other workplaces. This course is also ideal for people who work around and serve food in childcare facilities, cafes, hotels, bars or hospitals, among many other work environments.


How much does the Course Cost?

All our online courses are priced competitively and offer great value-for-money. The cost of the Level 1 Food Hygiene Awareness Online Learning Course, depends on whether you select the Course Only or the Course + Assessment bundle. And how many courses you intend to buy (see Volume Discount below):

  • Course only: £26.50 each
  • Course + Assessment: £56.00 each

Optional Assessment

Learners have the option to take the assessment for this qualification which is available at a limited number of Test Centres (including the RSPH Head Office, in Central London) and leads to the Level 1 Award in Food Hygiene Awareness qualification. However, taking the course - even without the assessment - will still provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge you need (without a formal certificate).

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How do you access the Course? And how long does it take to complete?

All course materials are accessed through our interactive online platform RSPH Learn. (you need to be connected to the internet). You can purchase the course by visiting our Learning Catalogue in My RSPH. If you do not have an account you must first register here. You can buy a course for yourself, or multiple to assign to other learners. If you are buying a course for yourself, you should tick the ‘assign course to yourself’ box at the check-out.

The course topics are split out, with Revision Quizzes to test your knowledge, as you work through the modules. It can be paused and restarted whenever you like, and you have six months to complete the course. The entire course involves up to four hours of study. On successful completion, you'll receive an RSPH CPD Completion Certificate and four CPD points.

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Course Contents

The course is split into the three key sections - with interactive elements to maintain your attention and make learning easier. At the end of each section, you'll find a Revision Quiz to help boost your learning. 
PART 1: The Need for Food Hygiene
The most common effect of bad food hygiene practises is food poisoning, which in most cases, can be avoided. This topic provides learners with an understanding of food poisoning including its prevalence, causes, symptoms and treatment. Learners will also gain the essential knowledge of what their legal responsibilities as a food handler are.

PART 2: Food Poisoning Bacteria
The second topic introduces learners to the nature of food poisoning bacteria and their effects on food. It covers the growth requirements of bacteria, including the range of “the temperature Danger Zone” and its importance in food storage, refrigerators and freezers. This topic also covers the foods that are at higher risk of contamination and most likely to cause food poisoning, and what effective food storage is.

PART 3: Hygiene Procedures
The final topic explores hygiene standards for food handlers, and the importance of hand washing, personal hygiene and appropriate clothing. Learners will gain a knowledge of preventing food contamination, and how to recognise pest infestation. The course also covers cleaning procedures for premises, equipment and utensils and reporting food safety hazards to supervisors


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Once you've completed the course, you can apply to receive an electronic RSPH CPD Completion Certificate. Find out more about RSPH CPD recognition policy


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