Previous webinar recordings

Covid vaccine, mis & dis information

In this webinar we heard expert speakers on the issue of mis and disinformation regards the Covid vaccine.

RSPH Sparls Debates with Ahmina Akhtar, Charlotte Augst & Dr Navina Evans

In this webinar, panelists discussed their perspectives of co-production and patient voice within public health.

What do we mean by 'public health'?

In this webinar, we heard the panelists share their perspectives on the role of prevention in healthy populations. 

The Future of Public Health Systems - Professor Maggie Rae, Richard Sloggett, Dr Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard and Lord Kamlesh Patel

In this webinar, we heard the panelists thoughts on health inequalities, improving outcomes, building an effective and strong workforce and public health system and the opportunities through the planned reforms in ‘levelling up’.

Public Health and the State - RSPH and Professor Chris Whitty

Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty, introduced by Royal Society for Public Health's Chief Executive, Christina Marriott, shared his perspectives on Public Health and the State.

The role of the State and the individual is an important question in public health. This webinar will explore the areas that Government is perceived to be responsible for, ones where the public believe Government should have no role and the areas where medical professionals provide a third dimension to a triangle of responsibility.