If you’ve been working in public health for a few years, but haven’t yet attained any post graduate or equivalent qualification, then Member is the best grade for you.​

Become a Member

Member is one of Royal Society for Public Health’s membership grade and offers a comprehensive range of benefits. One of these is being able to use the MRSPH post-nominals, which are a great way of demonstrating your public health expertise and experience. The RSPH membership team often get questions about what the MRSPH post-nominals mean, how they can be used and what members receive to prove that they are an RSPH Member. Post-nominals are a really key benefit that we are proud to offer our membership. Read on to find out more about the MRSPH post-nominals and how to become an RSPH Member.

Offering RSPH Membership to public health professionals is really important to us. It’s one of the ways that we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of people working in public health roles across the world. RSPH Members work in a multitude of public health systems and the RSPH Membership is one of the ways that we help to connect people and expand their networks.

What does MRSPH mean?

Member (MRSPH) is one of RSPH’s membership grades and is designed for people who are work in a role where they improveme the public's health and/or wellbeing and are educated to Bachelor Degree or equivalent from an academic institution or a recognised professional body. Membership is also open to people who hold a Level 3 (or above) qualification in public health from RSPH or other academic institution or recognised professional body. MRSPH means Member of the Royal Society for Public Health and MRSPH are the post-nominals that all RSPH Members can use to show their commitment to public health and demonstrate their Royal Society for Public Health membership.

What benefits do RSPH Members get?

When you become an RSPH Member you will have access to a range of great benefits, which will support your career, help with your learning and widen your professional network.

Be recognised

  • Use of post-nominal letters: MRSPH
  • An annual certificate of membership – we will send you a digital copy of your certificate for you to download. We can also send you a hard copy if you request one
  • The opportunity to gain CPD points from our journal, webinars and certain conferences

Stay connected

  • Online access to our peer-reviewed journals Perspectives in Public Health and Public Health in Practice
  • Receive our monthly email newsletter with topical public health updates, news about RSPH and opportunities to get involved with our work
  • Access to exclusive content in our online Members’ Area – this includes our webinar recordings, your personal login area to manage your communication preferences and quick booking onto events

Get involved

  • Network at our conferences and courses for a discounted rate or join us for one of our free member events
  • Attend and have your say at our AGM
  • Participate in upcoming webinars and get exclusive access to our previous webinar series
  • Join our Special Interest Groups – we have groups on Food, Water, Arts and Health and Behaviour Change 
  • Participate in campaign and policy work

Be supported

  • Discounts on attending our conferences and courses
  • 10% off purchases in our online shop and training bookings
  • 10% discount on our online courses. Our online learning platform, RSPH Learn, has interactive courses on food safety, health improvement and HACCP
  • Access to our Food Safety Helpline
  • Discounted professional indemnity insurance

Where should I use the MRSPH post-nominals?

You can use the MRSPH post-nominals wherever you have your name in print. This includes email signatures, online profiles e.g if you’re a speaker at an event and social media accounts. Many of our members use their post-nominals across their social media profiles, so you’ll be able to spot other RSPH members easily. We have found that it’s really helpful to add them to your LinkedIn account, where networking and learning from other public health professionals is great for advancing your professional development and making new connections.

However, it is completely up to you how frequently or where you use your MRSPH post-nominals. If you have any questions about post-nominals (or any of the other RSPH Member benefits) you can get in touch with our membership team who will be happy to help you.

Where do I write MRSPH if I have other post-nominals?

There are established orders for writing out post-nominals if you have more than one that you want to use.

1st - Civil honours e.g OBE

2nd - Military honours

3rd - Appointments e.g. MP, QC

4th - Higher Education awards e.g PhD (if you have more than one academic qualification they should be listed in ascending order, starting with Undergraduate)

5th - Membership of academic or professional bodies e.g MRSPH

Do I get an MRSPH certificate?

All RSPH Members get a certificate to show their membership. When you become an RSPH member, you’ll receive a digital version which you can share across your social media platforms. You can also get a hard copy of your certificate on request. The certificate includes your membership number, your membership level (in this case it would be Member) and is signed by our Chief Executive.

Who are RSPH Members?

If you join RSPH as a Member, you’ll be in great company! RSPH Members come from all over the world and work in a range of public health areas. They get involved in all areas of our work and we rely on their expertise to support our policy work, events and training. 

RSPH Members have a range of expertise and areas of public health that they’re passionate about. Members have roles in (but certainly not limited to!) dental health, food safety, water hygiene improvement, infection control, the Allied Health Professions and public health consultancy.

RSPH Member Criteria

To apply for RSPH Membership, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • A career commitment to the improvement of population health and/or wellbeing AND
  • Educated to Bachelor Degree or equivalent from an academic institution or a recognised professional body OR
  • Hold a Level 3 (or above) qualification in public health from RSPH or other academic institution or recognised professional body

​How do I become an RSPH Member?

Becoming an RSPH Member takes no longer than 10 minutes and you’ll get access to your member benefits straight away. You can join by:

If you have any questions about joining RSPH as a Member, please do get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

How much does RSPH Membership cost?

There is an annual membership fee of £113.00 and a one-off £45 joining fee if you join online or £50 if you join using a paper application (you won’t get charged this again if you renew your membership). However, we offer a 5% discount on the annual fee if you pay your membership fee by Direct Debit.