Public Health in Practice

Public Health in Practice is an international, peer-reviewed, gold open access journal in the field of population health. The journal aims to publish international articles focused on the art of translating and implementing public health evidence into practice. Research does not end once results are published. That is just the beginning. Translating research findings or policy to a local context and implementing findings is how we learn about what works and what doesn’t. This learning refines our thinking and working practices and will lead to even better research questions, practice and ultimately public health.

The journal will publish robust and ethically sound articles of any study type whereby the focus is consistent with our aim. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Public health practice and impact
  • Evaluation of public health policy, programmes or interventions
  • Implementation of programmes or interventions to improve health and/or reduce health inequalities
  • Community engagement to address public health issues
  • Need or Impact Assessment with a practical/implementation focus
  • Improvement of health, social care services/support and wider determinant services such as  education, welfare, employment services to improve public health
  •  Knowledge translation
  • Applied epidemiology
  • Health protection including control of communicable diseases
  • Prevention of ill health
  • Action across the wider determinants to improve health and/or reduce health inequalities.

The target market of the journal is researchers, practitioners, and policymakers who are engaged in translating public health evidence into practice.

Author Guidelines

Public Health in Practice is an online journal with papers published in one continuous, annual issue. When a paper has been accepted it will be published in this issue straight away and future papers will be added to the issue as and when they are available. You can read the author guidelines and submit your articles online.

Accessing the Journal

All journal content is free to access and read after it has been published - but, for authors, there is an article publication charge.

The Gold Open Access publication fee for this journal is £1,268 excl. tax. For shorter articles like commentaries, the fee is £425 excl. tax. Fellows of RSPH are entitled to a discount on this publication fee.

Article Publishing Charge (APC) waivers or discounts are available to those articles for which all authors are based in a country eligible for the Research4Life programme.

Editorial Board

You can find the Public Health in Practice editorial board here.