If you’re a training provider, apprenticeships have the benefit of guaranteed income for each learner. They’re a win-win for learners and trainers. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that a new apprenticeship standard has been developed by Public Health England – the Level 3 Community Health & Wellbeing Worker apprenticeship. Public Health England have specifically designed the apprenticeship to align closely to the RSPH Level 3 Certificate and Diploma in Health and Wellbeing Improvement qualifications.

These qualifications can therefore be used to fulfil the knowledge requirements of the proposed apprenticeship and may mean that any centres offering these courses will get more learners requesting these qualifications to fulfil the requirements of the apprenticeship.

The Level 3 Certificate and Level 3 Diploma in Health and Wellbeing Improvement.  qualifications are tailored for people working in a range of related health improvement roles such as:

  • Health trainers
  • Care navigators
  • Health and wellbeing advocates
  • Social prescribing link workers
  • Health mentors and coaches
  • Wellbeing support workers
  • Health champions

If you are interested in delivering either of these qualifications, please contact RSPH by emailing [email protected]