Can you tell us what your role is and where you work? 

I am the Director & Founder of Parisa Sports Club. I have worked in this field from 1994, before eventually founding my own company. We offer physical activity classes to help people to reach their fitness and health goals.

What is your favourite part of your role?

I’m enjoying working in this field, although it has been a long journey to get here. Providing programmes such as rehabilitation classes is challenging, but also rewarding. 

Can you give us an overview of your career path?

From the age of five I enjoyed ballet and also became an athlete in long-distance track and field events. I gained my qualifications in sports science and then worked to help people improve their health and fitness. 

In your role, how do you support/improve the public’s health and wellbeing?

My aim is to work with people to improve both their physical health and mental wellbeing. I work with both patients and non- patients, supporting people to become more physically fit but without injury.

What area(s) of public health are you the most passionate about?

I think that health should be our main priority. I think that everyone should be trying to take part in the right type of physical activity and eat a healthy diet.

How did you find out about the RSPH and what do you enjoy most about your membership?

I found RSPH through my web designer, who recommended that as a health service provider it would be good to join the organisation. It's a pleasure to be here and enjoy this opportunity to say thank you to RSPH

What do you do to take care of your health and wellbeing?

I try to look after my nutrition as much as I can by cooking from scratch and avoiding take-aways and fizzy drinks. I actually make my own healthy drinks from different types of edible flowers. I also take part in lots of physical activity and have avoided drinking alcohol and smoking my entire life.