Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced that the UK will have a general election on July 4th.

Commenting in response to the announcement, our Chief Executive, William Roberts, said:

"This announcement comes at a critical time for the health of the nation.

Health inequalities have widened over the last decade, more people than ever are leaving the workforce due to ill health, and our health and social care system is under immense pressure. As a result, lives are continuing to be cut short and millions of people are locked out of opportunity.

Ill health is not an inevitability. A healthier and more prosperous future must be at the forefront of next government’s vision for the UK. This future is only going to be possible with sustained investment in preventative policies that address the causes of ill health.

We know what works. An unwavering focus on prevention needs to be at the centre of the next government’s agenda, with health as the thread that runs through all policies.

Fairer and more equal nations are healthier nations. Focussing on those facing the greatest inequalities will bring the greatest benefits."