RSPH is delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA). Through this dual partnership, RSPH has joined CIMPSPA as an awarding organisation partner and CIMSPA is now registered as a corporate partner of RSPH.

The partnership seeks to recognise the growing importance of exercise professionals as part of the wider public health workforce – something which was acknowledged in Going the Distance, a joint report between RSPH and UK Active which explored the potential of the UK’s 60,000 strong Exercise Professional Workforce in supporting the public’s health.

The collaboration between RSPH, the UK’s longest established public health body and CIMSPA, the professional development body for the sport and physical activity sector, aims to strengthen the already growing link between healthcare and sport and physical activity professionals as well as highlighting the importance of activity in protecting the public’s health.

To coincide with the launch of the partnership, CIMSPA has published its Health Navigator Professional Standard and RSPH is the first organisation to gain endorsement for this standard for their Level 3 Diploma in Health and Wellbeing Improvement.

The RSPH Level 3 Diploma in Health and Wellbeing Improvement will provide health and fitness professionals with access to the training necessary to upskill and fully support those who may need health interventions, alleviating stress from the NHS and aligning health and sport and physical activity even more closely.

This CIMSPA professional standard seeks to support frontline employees within the sport and physical activity industries as they engage, signpost and support new or returning participants to physical activity or other lifestyle interventions.

CIMSPA CEO, Tara Dillon, said: “We are pleased and excited to welcome RSPH into CIMSPA partnership and look forward to our ongoing work with them.

“Our new partnership with RSPH comes at a time when sport and physical activity’s connections to the health sector are growing increasingly more important and we believe that by growing and developing these partnerships, our work together can be a real positive force for change.

“I look forward to seeing the results of this partnership and furthering our vision of having a truly active nation, with a professional workforce that reflects the best of both of our sectors.”

Richard Burton, Director of Qualifications at RSPH commented:

“As a CIMSPA awarding organisation partner, RSPH is looking forward to be able to bring more of our public health qualifications into the field of sport and physical activity and we are delighted to announce this exciting and innovative partnership.”

“The professional standard will play a pivotal role in supporting frontline staff across the sport and physical activity industry to engage with the public to build and support our shared goal of an active, fit and healthy nation.”

Colin Huffen, Head of Regulation and Standards at CIMSPA also added: “Having just attended the annual RSPH awards it’s a fantastic time to announce our partnership. CIMSPA are delighted to partner with a lead organisation from the health sector and this will provide endorsement to their high quality training products our members can benefit from.

“We’re really pleased to announce RSPH is the first organisation to gain endorsement for their Level 3 Diploma in Health and Wellbeing Improvement, aligned to our Health Navigator Professional Standard. This qualification will enable the sport and physical activity workforce to play a significant role in tackling the health inequalities our population faces and support them to make physical activity part of their everyday routine.”

“Last year the ‘Going the Distance Report’, published by RSPH, highlighted the central role that CIMSPA’s Professional Standard’s will play in enhancing the support role of the UK’s exercise professionals and their role in public health. We look forward to continuing this supporting role whilst working on further qualifications with them in the future."