"The NHS is, and will continue to be, under extreme pressure without a more comprehensive recovery plan. NHS staff, many of whom have worked tirelessly for the last two years, are suffering from burn-out and exhaustion as a result of the pandemic’s physical and mental demands.  

“It is time for public health services to receive appropriate funding and investment, so that we can reduce preventable illnesses, keep people in good health and out of hospital.  

“Today’s report by the Health and Care Committee highlights the government has not yet learnt the lessons from the pandemic, nor taken the necessary steps to address the social backlog. It is unacceptable that there still is no news on the public health grant allocations for the next year, without which vital services, such as tobacco control, suicide prevention, health visitors and school nurses cannot be funded. It is hugely important for the government to follow the Committee’s recommendation and invest in public health services, which have for too long been under recognised and deprioritised."