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This conference investigates how creative health approaches and social prescribing can be used to connect and communicate life through generations. We invite both experts from around the world and also artists, performers, practitioners and experts by experience from local communities. Our aim is to provide interdisciplinary cohesion and a bridge between the academic world and the general public, between policy and third sector organisations. Join our debate, for two days (three hours on each day) of stimulating conversations between fascinating people. We will provoke, encourage, challenge, nourish your mind and your senses.

The event takes place on Zoom. Zoom link to follow

“Creative Lives: Tackling Inequalities” workshops

June 2 & 3, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Day 1: Creative Lives, Tackling inequalities: learning, community, cultural health

Whilst participants and delegates assemble and join the Zoom meeting, Kiz Bangher performs hip hop spoken word/music, for 5 minutes (10:57 - 11:02)

11:02 Lorna Collins welcomes everyone to the conference

11:05-1:20 Helen Chatterjee, intro with Errol Francis (Culture&).

11:20-12:00 Aarathi Prasad (Institute for Global Health), in conversation with Jumana Emil Abboud (Palestinian artist).

12:00-12.30 Renata Whurr (lived experience) in conversation with Ranjita Dhital

12:30-1:15 Rochelle Burgess (Health of the Public) in conversation with Errol Francis (Culture&) + questions.

1:15-1:50 Michael Chandler (The Margins Project), in conversation with a colleague from his community project.

1:50-2:00 Emily Bradfield creates a visual response to the workshop (#CreativeCapture).

Day 2: Creative Lives, Tackling inequalities: welfare, wellbeing, education, the life course

Whilst participants and delegates assemble and join the meeting, a poetry performance for 5 minutes (10:57 - 11:02)

11:02 Lorna Collins welcomes people back to the conference

11:05-11:40 JD Carpentieri n conversation with Carrie Ryan (Ageing Playfully)

11:40-12:20 Rebecca Loweth in conversation with Ruth Siddall

12:20-12:45 Kiz Bangher, hip hop spoken word/music

12:45-1:00 Break

1:00-1:45 Dr Rabya Mughal in conversation with Mah Rana (Lived experience). CHAIR Humera Iqbal + questions.

11:45-2:00 Emily Bradfield creates visual response to the workshop, presentation at the end (#CreativeCapture)

Questions/responses to the conference.