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Location: The University of Salford, Manchester

The challenges facing the NHS require a major shift in the way we approach both individual care and public health in general. The large number of people accessing doctors and hospitals for preventable conditions is putting severe pressure on a system that is already struggling to cope with an ageing population and tight budgets.

Legislation, such as the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, has been introduced to tackle some of these issues, but there are limits to what can be achieved through central Government intervention. A more community based approach is needed in order to tackle today’s major health challenges and inspire changes in public behaviour.

In 2015, NHS England launched the 'Health as a Social Movement' initiative designed to help 'shift power to patients and citizens', as set out in the Five Year Forward View. The scheme aims to help local authorities to build community networks and address the social, economic and environmental causes of poor health, which are specific within these areas.

Social prescribing has a vital role to play in tackling a wide range of public health problems from loneliness to obesity. By acting quickly and referring patients to voluntary schemes, including arts activities and sports clubs, primary care professionals can prevent health problems from developing into complex long-term conditions.

Join us for the Public Health Conference where expert speakers will explain how we can engage more with local communities and create a social movement around public health. Discuss how the healthcare system can shift towards a more prevention based model, explore how devolution will impact on public health, looking at Greater Manchester as a case study, and discover new methods to encourage behavioural change and reinforce healthy lifestyle choices.

Public health-related sessions include Professor John Middleton, President, UK Faculty of Public Health discussing how continued investment in leisure centres, social housing and market gardens help educate people about lifestyles.      

Learning outcomes

  • Service Transformation Plans: challenges and opportunities for transforming health and care services, both locally and nationally
  • The role of social prescribing and how it fits with wider health and care policy  
  • The transformative potential for social movements to improve health
  • Improving the public’s health: shaping health-related attitudes and behaviours

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