Finding a Role

Finding a role

If you are unsure which public health role would suit you, take a look at the range of job  roles in public health  , look through case studies  and use the other tools and resources available, such as the NHS careers quiz.  

To gain experience and find out more about the different settings, consider taking on some voluntary work. This could be within the NHS or the wider community. Within the NHS there are also work experienceapprenticeships, traineeships and cadet schemes which vary in their entry requirements. Young people with learning difficulties or disabilities can consider opportunities such as Project Choice,  a specialist college and supported internship programme. Some academic programmes offer a placement opportunity in association with local employer organisations.

Many public health professionals are happy to talk to students or those seeking entry to the profession – contact your local public health team and ask to speak informally to somebody in the team.

Also improve your CV by joining RSPH. There are different membership grades, with eligibility according to your level of qualifications and experience. RSPH membership is an indication of your commitment to public health, provides recognition of your experience, and helps you to connect to others in your field. All the membership grades, except student membership, allow the use of post-nominal letters after your name.  

Examples of sites for on-line job searches:-