Daisy Fancourt

Chair of the Arts & Health Special Interest Group, Dr Daisy Fancourt is Associate Professor in Psychobiology & Epidemiology and a Wellcome Research Fellow at University College London. Her research focuses on the effects of social and community participation on health, with a particular interest in the effects of the arts and culture. She leads a research team at UCL running laboratory studies, behavioural studies, clinical trials and population health research.

Daisy worked for several years in the NHS on the development of arts and clinical innovations projects, is currently a consultant to the World Health Organisation on arts and health, and regularly works on radio, television and news pieces for the BBC on arts and health as part of her position as a BBC New Generation Thinker. She is past chair of the RSPH Arts & Health awards.

The SIG is deputy chaired by Professor Helen Chatterjee, University College London, and supported by a steering group of 12 supporters and stakeholders.

RSPH is a national champion for the development of the field of arts and health in the UK. The RSPH Special Interest Group in Arts, Health and Wellbeing has the aim of supporting advances in high quality research that leads to innovative policy and practice.

Aims of the group

  • Vision: To guide the strategic development of research within the field of arts and health
    We publish strategic papers on the development of research in the field, guest-edit special issues of the journal Perspectives in Public Health, and run seminar series focused on the development of research in the field. 
  • Voice: To act as a voice for research and researchers nationally
    We work in partnership with the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance (CHWA) and All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) as well as major funders and professional bodies. We consult on the development of new funding streams for research in the field, respond to calls for evidence from the government and NICE, and explore partnership opportunities with other major representative bodies within health and social care.
  • Practice: To act as a knowledge-broker between researchers and practitioners
    We run conferences and webinars, inform and initiate best practice through our national Health & Wellbeing Awards to ensure high-quality evidence-based practice in the field, and support training and continuing professional development in arts and health.


Join the group

All RSPH members with an interest in the contribution the creative arts can make to health and wellbeing are welcome to join. Members of this Special Interest Group you can access it in the member area 

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