London Metropolitan University

MSc Health and Social Care Management and Policy (HSCMP)

London Metropolitan University’s HSCMP course examines the social, political and economic context within which health and social services operate.

Course details

London Metropolitan University is an educational institution that places employability and career progress at the heart of its courses to ensure that students develop both academically and professionally.

The HSCMP MSc course is designed to enhance the skills and career opportunities of those working in health and welfare services such as substance abuse rehabilitation managers, policy makers, advisors in local authorities and prison service administrators.

The curriculum focuses on policy, management and collaborative working structures in the context of regulation, evaluation and accountability frameworks for service delivery; all of which provides the student with a unique learning opportunity tailored towards their specific interests and career aspirations.

According to student feedback, students found the teaching of this course

very relevant

and applicable to their employment


of 2015-16 graduates from this course were in work or further study within six months

Recruitment to the course has

increased 43%

since being awarded RSPH Accreditation

How and why RSPH accredited the training programme

A range of modules from the HSCMP programme were assessed for their accuracy and relevance as well as their mapping against the RSPH Professional Practice Framework. RSPH found the modules to be exemplary, providing the targeted training and knowledge necessary for a career in the dynamic context of health and social care.

RSPH is confident that the MSc HSCMP provides a clear pathway for academic and career progression for a range of staff working in health and social care.