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'Think Brain Health' online course

Why we developed the 'Think Brain Health' online course

Dementia is a condition that affects different aspects of thinking and brain function, including memory loss, confusion, mood swings and difficulty with daily tasks.

There are nearly one million people in the UK living with dementia, and many of us will have some experience with this devastating condition. Despite this, there is still a lot of misunderstanding around dementia and Alzheimer’s Research UK, supported by RSPH, is trying to change that.

The CPD accredited ‘Think Brain Health' online course was created in collaboration with Alzheimer’s Research UK for the corporate partners. The course aims to raise awareness and improve understanding of dementia, as well as explain how improving brain health can help to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

This online course includes an array of engaging features including interactive quizzes, learning tasks, videos, animations and a voiceover for accessibility.

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Think Brain Health

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How can dementia affect someone?

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What is dementia?

There are almost one million people in the UK living with dementia

and this is predicted to increase to two million

by 2050

52% of the UK public

know someone who has been diagnosed with a form of dementia

Less than

1% of dementia cases

are caused by a faulty gene