An Introduction to Health Behaviour Change 

This online course focuses on behaviour changes that are undertaken to achieve a positive health outcome, but the principles can be applied to any conversation about any change.

You will be asked to think about your personal experience of supporting people to make changes and your own experiences of making changes.

The course has been designed to allow you time to reflect on the conversations you have with people, how you can bring the theory to life, and how you can use your skills and techniques to support people to change.

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Aims of the course

On completion, you will understand:

  • What behaviour change is 
  • Approaches to change 
  • The underlying principles of changes
  • How to help people change their behaviour 
  • Key skills needed to help people change 
  • How to structure a conversation 
  • What can go wrong during a conversation and how to overcome it

Course details:

  • One hour of study
  • One CPD point
  • Easy to navigate online resources
  • Auto-saves your progress so can be completed in multiple sittings

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at anyone with a role or looking to get a role in the healthcare sector that requires them to have conversations around health with the public. 

How much does the course cost?

This course is free for RSPH members and £25 for the general public. 

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How do you access the course? And how long does it take to complete?

You will be able to purchase the course by visiting our Learning Catalogue in My RSPH. If you do not have an account you must first register here. You can buy a course for yourself, or multiple to assign to other learners. If you are buying a course for yourself, you should tick the ‘assign course to yourself’ box at the check-out.

The course topics will be split out into three modules, with activities to test your knowledge, as you work through the modules. It can be paused and restarted whenever you like, and you have six months to complete the course. The entire course involves up to one hour of study.

Members will be able to access the course for free by logging into My RSPH and selecting the 'Member Benefits' tile. 

Course contents

  1. What is Behaviour Change
  2. The Principles and Practice of Helping People Change 
  3. How to Structure a Behavioural Conversation