Making Every Contact Count (MECC) training

As one of the leading providers of public health related training, RSPH is committed to improving the public’s health through developing the most innovative and relevant courses. That selection now includes training courses for MECC (Making Every Contact Count).


The MECC approach

MECC is an approach to health behaviour change conversations that must include one or more of the following elements: a question that creates an opening for a conversation, a spirit that supports individual’s response to person centred conversations, being led by cues given by the individual in the conversation, verbal and nonverbal behaviours that encourage conversations, providing support, active listening, and asking open discovery questions.

Embedding the MECC approach to promote health is a current strategic priority for the health system and whilst there has been significant work in the areas of physical health and behaviour change (including smoking; alcohol; weight management), the implementation of MECC in other important health promotion challenges have progressed at a slower pace. As such, to address this, RSPH has developed a suite of MECC training and a sustainable offer, that aims to support organisations cover some of those health challenges.

Find your MECC training route

Our topics cover mental health, menopause, physical activity and more. Whether you would like to purchase a course for yourself, commission a training delivery or become a MECC Training Provider, we have an option to meet your needs.

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