RSPH offers a series of one-day programmes, which cover the essentials of good management, delivered by experienced facilitators.
These are industry-established dimensions associated with critical management functions. Our training can help you improve management and leadership skills across your business and all programmes provide CPD points for attendance.

Managing Workplace Health

Programme summary

There is increasing pressure on managers to deliver business objectives at the same time as supporting the wellbeing of employees. This workshop explores that role and how you can make a positive impact on individuals’ health, reduce sickness absence, retain staff and improve productivity. Over one day you will cover:

  • Development/review of existing workplace policy
  • How to implement wellbeing strategies
  • Awareness of employee health and wellbeing needs
  • Signposting employees
  • Resources available to support wellbeing

Project Management Basics

Programme summary

All managers work with projects in some way, shape or form, but conflicting demands often means they can be derailed from schedule or lose their focus in the relative scheme of things. Staying on track is often a simple of matter of knowing the simple steps associated with sound project oversight. Over one day you will cover:

  • Project Initiation Documents
  • Objective writing
  • Planning and Milestones
  • Communicating and negotiating conflict
  • Risk management, Leaning log and closure/exit

Managing change

Programme summary

Change has become a fact of working life. Successful change management depends on effectively engaging the people involved, whether this be mergers, consolidation of work, or a restructure of current services. Recognising and acting upon the human dimension in managing change is critical to success. Over one day you will cover:

  • Change management essentials
  • Change management theory
  • Effect on staff wellbeing
  • Pre-change strategies
  • Implementation
  • Communication and conflict
  • Post implementation – making change stick

Performance Management 

Programme summary

Performance management is fundamental to the effectiveness of organisations. It is about creating a culture which encourages the continuous improvement of business processes and individuals’ skills, behaviours and contributions. It requires a multifaceted approach linked to organisational strategy. Over one day you will cover:

  • Strategy, whole organisation approach including business aims, job description, person specification, recruitment, induction, talent management, succession planning
  • SMART objectives, setting goals and standards
  • Two-way feedback
  • Work action planning and supervision
  • Employee engagement
  • Leadership – training, coaching, delegating
  • Addressing poor performance

Time management and Prioritising

Programme summary

These are key to personal effectiveness. Managers often confuse being busy with delivering results – the two are far from the same. Saving time is a myth – we only choose to spend time and how we do that is critical to remaining in control. Over one day you will cover:

  • Time management strategies
  • Negotiating priorities
  • Exercising self-discipline
  • Controlling interruptions by shaping the behaviour of others whose priorities are not your own
  • Being time effective versus time efficient

Making good decisions and problem solving

Programme summary

The ability to identify barriers that keep you from achieving your goals and standards; applying a systematic set of procedures to eliminate or reduce root causes, and the ability to construct a decision matrix are essential tools for managers. Over one day you will cover:

  • Problem solving / root cause tools
  • Distinguishing between symptoms and problems
  • Collecting and weighing evidence relating to causes
  • Implementing the most appropriate courses of action
  • Decision matrices
  • Examining options, risks, and weightings


Benefits of RSPH Training 
  • Training content tailored to your organisation
  • Delegates receive CPD certificates on completion of training which supports their professional development
  • If required, we can provide formal assessments which link to RSPH Qualifications
  • We can offer individual memberships for each of your delegates, giving them access to a range of additional benefits and resources to help them develop their public health career

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