What is the Level 2 Award for Covid-19 Young Health Champions qualification?

The Level 2 Award is a qualification that supports young people to understand the impact that COVID-19 has on individuals and on their community. It also delves into what measures can be put in place to stop the transmission of COVID-19 and steps they can take to keep themselves and others safe. The qualification also supports learners to act as advocates for the public’s health, by developing the skills and knowledge to talk to their peers about the importance of the measures in place to prevent the transmission of COVID-19

The qualification materials and learning objectives have been developed in collaboration with the University of Southampton. The course materials have been designed to prepare students for an assessment to gain an Ofqual-regulated qualification.

What will young people learn by taking the Covid-19 Young Health Champions Qualification?

We know that it’s often really tricky to discern between a trusted source and one that spouts potentially damaging misinformation. When it comes to health and wellbeing, it’s vital that young people have access to reliable resources and information.

The Level 2 Award for COVID-19 Young Health Champions is a regulated qualification, that teaches young people about all aspects of COVID-19 including vaccinations, virus transmission and community health.  Students will learn about the origins of COVID-19, which groups are the most at risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 and how measures like national lockdowns help to stop the spread of infection.

How to sign up to teach the qualification

To register to teach the Level 2 qualification, you need to follow a couple of steps to either register as an RSPH approved centre or, if you are already an RSPH approved centre, register to teach the qualification:

  • Find out more about the qualification
  • Complete the ‘Centre Application Form’.
  • If you are already an approved centre, log into the Centre are and complete the ‘Add an Additional Qualification Form’  
  • For both applications you will need to include details of your quality assurance procedures
  • You will also need to attach a CV to this application

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