What is it?

This qualification will enable learners to provide peer support through an understanding of the individual and social drivers of healthy and unhealthy behaviours as well as signpost local health services. It will also provide knowledge of a health and wellbeing issue relevant to the learner and develop skills to deliver positive health messages.

Learners will take three mandatory units and one optional unit from a choice of seven.

The mandatory units are:

  • YHC 1 Health Improvement
  • YHC 2 Research Health Improvement Services
  • YHC 3 Deliver a Health Improvement Message

The optional units are:

  • YHC 4 Understanding Alcohol Misuse
  • YHC 5 Encouraging physical activity
  • YHC 6 Encouraging a Healthy Weight and Healthy Eating
  • YHC 7 Understanding Sexual Health
  • YHC 8 Supporting Smoking Cessation
  • YHC 9 Understanding the Misuse of Substances
  • YHC 10 Understanding Emotional Wellbeing

Units YHC 1 and YHC 4-10 are also available as stand-alone single unit qualifications. These single unit qualifications are not targeted specifically at improving the health of young people but are applicable to all age groups.

Who is it for?

This qualification is for individuals with an interest in health and wellbeing who want to help their peers develop a healthier lifestyle. The objective of the qualification is to develop the competences required of a young health champion.

How do I apply?

For learners: see below for your nearest centre. Centres are listed alphabetically - to find the centre nearest to you, please use the location finder.

For current centres: if you are interested in delivering this qualification, please visit the Centre Area and register your interest. 

How do I become an RSPH-approved centre?
If you’re planning to deliver one of our qualifications, you will need to become a RSPH registered centre.

To become an approved centre and to gain qualification approval, please visit our Become a centre page.

Centres offering this qualification

35 centres offering this qualification

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18 Haymarket Street, Bury, BL9 0AQ
Tel: 0161 253 5772, Email: [email protected], Website: http://www.bury.gov.uk/adultlearning

Unit 9, Baden Place, Crosby Row , London , SE1 3XF
Tel: 07396096687, Email: [email protected]

Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG
Tel: 01273234777 , Email: [email protected], Website: http://www.gypsy-travellers.org

Market Street, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5LD
Tel: 01635 503437, Email: [email protected], Website: http://www.westberks.gov.uk/westberkswellbeing

Stepney Road, Burry Port, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, SA16 0BE
Tel: 01554 744273

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