A big thank you to all Centres who completed the recent satisfaction survey. The response rate was extremely encouraging with over 130 Centres taking part.

The results are very positive and rate our performance highly, indicating that RSPH Qualifications delivers a good service to its Centres. 

A number of questions asked for ratings of our performance out of 10 across a number of areas. The results showed you are very satisfied with the quality of our qualifications and administrative processes, find our service consistently reliable, that we are easy to contact, and our team is friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable.

To give one example, in response to the question Do we offer what you would expect from an Awarding Organisation? 91.5% of respondents agreed. While delighted with these results, we are not complacent. We want to continually improve on them and our service to you. 

Over the coming weeks we will be responding to all those Centres that asked us to do so. We will also be reviewing the survey responses in detail to ensure that we learn from any common themes that arise and address areas for development.

If you have any comments on the survey or would like more information, please contact us.