Compass Group UK and Ireland’s staff Level 2 Food Safety e-learning programmes has been accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH).

Compass Group UK and Ireland provides food services across multiple locations – including sports and leisure events, oil rigs, military bases, schools, universities, hospitals, care homes, and corporate offices. Food hygiene and safety is vitally important to their business, with the training of staff being a key component of their management system and wider business strategy that puts “safety first”.

What does Compass Group’s accreditation cover?

RSPH now accredits the company’s Level 2 Food Safety e-learning programme, confirming that it covers the topics recommended in best practice guidelines for all staff handling open and unwrapped food items. This accessible programme includes information on the main food safety hazards, how to work safely with food and the responsibilities of all staff in relation to food safety. The programme includes examples, illustrations and case studies directly linked to the work of the staff, as well as information on the company’s internal policies and procedures in relation to food safety.

The programme joins the range of training programmes accredited under the RSPH’s long established accreditation scheme.

The FSA has estimated that there are about 2.4 million case of foodborne illness every year in the UK. Although symptoms are often mild, people can become seriously ill and sadly each year there are some fatalities.”

– Janice Constable, RSPH Membership and Educational Services Director

The RSPH is pleased to support the education of all staff who prepare and handle food so that they are knowledgeable and confident about their role in providing food which is safe to eat. We commend Compass Group for their achievement in demonstrating that their e-learning programme fulfils best practice guidelines and gained RSPH accreditation.”

“Effectively managing food safety and hygiene is our number one priority and a key commitment to our customers and to our clients. Coordinating with RSPH to support the accreditation of our Level 2 Food Safety e-learning programme underpins this commitment. It also demonstrates that the training our operational colleagues receive, provides them with the knowledge and the competencies required to effectively manage food safety and hygiene requirements consistently, and every day.”

– Rob Clapham, HSE Director, North & B & I, Compass Group

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