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Grace Kaplan 

  • Which course are you studying?

I have just completed a three-year degree in Public Health at University of Wolverhampton in July 2021.

  • Which areas of public health interest you the most?

Health improvement is my main interest in Public health, particularly having a major interest in non-communicable diseases. This is because I have a keen interest in improving people's health and well-being, especially from non-communicative diseases as they are responsible for almost the majority of all deaths worldwide but are largely preventable.

  • What career are you hoping to go into and why does that interest you?

I wish to pursue a career in local government public sector, as a health improvement officer at the local council.

  • What do you enjoy most about your RSPH Student membership?

My RSPH student membership is a valuable “go-to” membership that provides all the latest up-to-date Public Health education information. It provides a wealth of knowledge that I have the opportunity to access and gives me current information that is trusted and reliable. 

  • How has RSPH membership helped you?

Once I obtained my membership I felt like I was a part of the Public Health professional community. It enabled me to look at going forward into the Public Health workforce, which is always evolving, improving and changing with the times.

  • What do you do to take care of your own health and wellbeing?

I've always considered my health and wellbeing as being important. From the age of 6 I had a strong mind-set and decided to make healthy eating choices and became a vegetarian. To keep physically active, I've always been passionate about free style dancing. I've always loved my music, and dance has always been my medicine to boost my mood and help me cope with stress. I would recommend anyone to take up dancing, even in their own home for just 30 minutes a day. It can really enhance your mood and benefit your overall health. 



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 Kerensa Hodge

  • What course are you following at the moment ?

Masters in Public Health at University of Wolverhampton

  • Which areas of public health interest you the most?

Gender health inequality and policy development

  • What career are you hoping to go into and why does that interest you?

I am currently pursuing a career in research into Global health with a special interest in gendered violence against women and girls. I have a strong passion for understanding and helping to prevent violence against women as it has such a major impact on society and future generations. I have always felt that one voice can make a tremendous difference to political change and believe that public health is the appropriate vehicle for pursing this aim.

  • What do you enjoy most about your RSPH Student membership?

RSPH provides the information needed to keep in touch with the most current issues in Public health. It also provides a guide to potential research projects and innovative updates in health prevention and promotion necessary for academic research.

  • How has RSPH membership helped you?

Being a member of RSPH has opened doors to several roles I have undertaken, including my current role as student representation for the University of Wolverhampton. The membership has not only qualified my interests in Public health but has ensured employees know that I am close to current sources that will enable my continuous professional development.

  • What do you do to take care of your own health and wellbeing?

To ensure positive wellbeing, my hobby is creating sugar flowers. This takes a great deal of focus, but has proven to be a great way to take time out from my busy schedule to concentrate on nature.