RSPH has released a briefing paper on the Communities in Charge of Alcohol (CICA) programme with updates on how the programme has progressed.

RSPH is proud to support Communities in Charge of Alcohol, a pioneering programme which is being rolled out across Greater Manchester. The first of its kind, it has been launched to tackle the rise in alcohol consumption throughout the region.

Data from Public Health England shows that residents in the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester are consuming alcohol at levels higher than the national average.

RSPH will be training Community Alcohol Champions to help family, friends and colleagues develop a healthier attitude to alcohol and to create positive behaviour changes.

Kiran Kenth, Head of Development at RSPH, said: “We welcome this innovative programme which comes at a time when the need is greater than ever to rethink how we drink, in particular to minimise the harm from excessive alcohol consumption. RSPH’s training will equip Community Alcohol Champions with the resources and skills they need to empower individuals and communities to take back control of their alcohol consumption.

“Many people do not realise the toll that alcohol takes on their health and the health of those around them; our Community Alcohol Champions will educate and guide them to make the crucial life changes they need.”