Event details

Overview of the webinar

This free webinar introduces BS 8680:2020, the first-ever British Standard on water safety planning. The standard gives users guidance on developing and implementing water safety plans to ensure building water is safe. The webinar will be particularly pertinent to organizations returning to premises after the CV-19 lockdown. 

Who should participate in the webinar?

  • Those responsible for water safety planning
  • Those involved in water systems management who want to demonstrate current good practice and compliance
  • Duty holders and appointed responsible/accountable persons
  • Water Safety Groups and all those having an influence on the safety of water systems, including those involved in the development process for new and refurbished/upgraded systems
  • Operators, users, service providers, water treatment providers, professional bodies and regulators, public health and environmental health professionals, risk assessors, providers of sampling and laboratory services, repair and maintenance, specialist advisors/authorising engineers, standard-setting bodies and certification agencies, infection-control teams and personnel in hospitals, healthcare, dental and medical facilities, etc.

Why should you participate in the webinar?

The poor design and management of water systems in buildings can cause the outbreak of easily preventable diseases. BS 8680 sets out recommendations and guidance on how to implement a Water Safety Plan (WSP), which is the most effective way of consistently ensuring water supply safety.  

The standard:

  • Provides authoritative recommendations and guidance for Water Safety Planning to help ensure public health and safety
  • Provides a preventative risk-management approach, based on a method developed by the World Health Organization
  • Supplements UK national guidance for healthcare premises
  • It will assist Water Safety Groups to ensure they have a holistic approach to water safety across all types of systems and equipment which use or contain water.
  • Can be applied to all types of premises and undertakings with water systems that can pose a risk to those exposed, either from the water itself or aerosols
  • Can be applied retrospectively to control risks to health from all types of water use

Those who participate in the webinar will learn about BS 8680:2020 and how it can help them ensure the safety of water in buildings from members of the drafting panel.

Attendees will gain:

-      An understanding of the content and purpose of BS 8680

-      Information on how to implement Water Safety Plans

-      The opportunity to put questions to our experts

-      Post-event – a copy of the presentation and a recording of the webinar

This event is also CPD recognised.