IDEXX Water is the global leader in rapid microbiological testing for water and offers a range of fast, accurate, and easy to use testing products for the detection of pathogens such as E. coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella pneumophila

They work with water utility companies to ensure drinking water is clean and safe, as well as with hospitals and facilities managers to prevent the spread of unnecessary waterborne pathogens and infections in healthcare establishments.

IDEXX water also operates in environments where traditional laboratory testing is restrictive, such as on oil rigs and marine vessels—all of which contributes to improved public health.

IDEXX have supported many of our conferences and webinars since joining us as a Corporate Member, helping them to reach a vast network of delegates and key stakeholders across water and public health.

Events supported by IDEXX

Keeping international travellers healthy on land and at sea: meeting the public health challenges - 10-11 April 2019

Chaired by Dr Susanne Lee (Director, Leegionella Ltd) and Angie Hills, (Senior Destinations Manager - Health, Safety, Crisis & Operations ABTA) this two-day conference brought together experts in their field to share current thinking on pathogen risk, legal guidance, the threat of norovirus and cryptosporidiosis, water safety hazards, hot tubs in holiday settings, and the impact of false claims of gastric illness on the travel industry.

Speakers discussed and shared insights on the information available to help inform travellers about destination health risks and explore the challenging requirements of being an ‘expert witness’ in travel associated cases of food and waterborne illness.

What is the future of water and public health? - 13 December 2018
This one-day conference for students and health researchers shared the latest advances in health-related water topics and network with water professionals. Topics include microbiology, chemical contamination, and engineering measures. There was a mix of keynote sessions, new information regarding water and public health, and poster sessions.
Cryptosporidiosis 2018: an essential update on the risks from recreational waters, drinking water and food - 15 March 2018

This one-day conference from the RSPH and the Cryptosporidium Reference Unit, Public Health Wales, provided background a new information from cryptosporidiosis outbreaks, and ongoing research in both recreational waters and drinking water and food.

International Webinars supported by IDEXX

Water for special use: water safety on board ships - 11 July 2018

This webinar covered the relevant waterborne hazards and hazardous events, the steps needed to develop a robust water safety plan to prevent waterborne illness and the current guidance and legislation.

Opportunistic pathogens in water systems - 21 February 2018

In this webinar, Dr Paul McDermott discussed the ever-growing list of waterborne pathogens, focusing on those that present significant risks, particularly to patients receiving treatment in hospitals. He covered some of the design features that are found commonly in water systems, which can increase the likelihood of colonisation, as well as the ways that water systems are used that increase risks of exposure to harmful bacteria.