Become an RSPH member and join our Food Special Interest Group

All RSPH members have the opportunity to join our Food Special Interest Group. From Environmental Health Officers to Food Technicians, the Food Special Interest Group is a collective of hundreds of people who are passionate about ensuring that the public has access to safe, healthy food.

Chair of the Food Special Interest Group, Professor Lisa Ackerley is a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner and an independent safety consultant providing advice and support to most food industry sectors on food safety issues.

Lisa is Visiting Professor of Environmental Health at Salford University and has lectured on the MSc Environmental Health Course at King's College, University of London. 

She is also a Food Safety Adviser to UK Hospitality and a trustee, as well as a Specialist Food Safety Adviser at the Royal Society for Public Health. Lisa is an expert witness, a speaker at many events and conferences internationally and appears regularly as a food safety expert on TV and Radio. 

Who can join the Food Special Interest Group?

This Special Interest Group is open to all RSPH members with an interest in food issues. When your membership is approved, you will be able to access the group resources at any time. The Special Interest Group has hundreds of members who all have an interest in or work in the food industry. Food Special Interest Group members include:

  • Environmental Health Officers and Practitioners
  • Food Scientists and Academics
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Advisors
  • Engineers and Food Technicians
  • Nutritionists and Dietitians
  • Anyone working in the food retail and hospitality sectors
  • Students (RSPH student membership is just £25)

If you have any questions about joining the Food Special Interest group, please email Anna. 

If you are already a member of the Food Special Interest Group please click here to access the resources. 

Benefits of joining the RSPH Food Special Interest Group

RSPH is passionate about all food issues and is dedicated to working with professionals to share best practice. 

The Food Special Interest Group encompasses all aspects of food safety and nutrition and joining gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard on the issues that you're passionate about. The group provides learning and sharing opportunities in an inclusive environment. Everyone with an interest in food issues can benefit from the group's collective knowledge and experience.

  • The members of the group have the opportunity to feed into Government consultations as a professional body
  • Members can share their experiences, competencies and best practice. We have a dedicated LinkedIn group for members and send out regular newsletters to keep you up-to-date with our food safety and nutrition activities
  • Attend conferences, webinars, workshops and events with expert speakers
  • Have regular opportunities to gain CPD points 

Food Special Interest Group areas of interest

The Food Special Interest Group members have professional and personal interests in a wide-range of food issues. When you join the group, you will have the opportunity to shape discussions, influence what issues are covered on our webinars and get advice and insight from other group members. Some of the areas of interest the Food Special Interest Group covers are:

  • Food safety and hygiene 
  • Nutrition and health
  • Food supply chain
  • Allergies and food labeling
  • Food research

Upcoming events and training opportunities

We have conferences, webinars and training throughout the year for people working in or interested in the food industry. Visit our events hub for more information. RSPH Food Special Interest Group members receive discounts on our courses and get to hear about our food webinars first.