HENRY's Healthy Families: Tackling Child Obesity Training

HENRY is a solution-focused intervention that works co-operatively with parents to protect young children from the physical and emotional consequences of obesity 

Training programme details

The UK is among the most overweight nations in Europe. Evidence shows that the lifestyle habits developed in the early years have a profound impact on future weight status. The programme provides health and early years practitioners with the skills they need to support families of babies and young children in developing a healthy, active lifestyle – and in so doing reduce child obesity.

HENRY contains three main elements:

  • Information about food and activity to give babies and young children a good start and help the whole family to adopt a healthier lifestyle
  • Parenting skills to help parents develop the confidence and skills to support a healthy lifestyle and emotional wellbeing in the family
  • Behaviour change…using solution-focused support as part of a strength-based partnership approach to help families change old habits and achieve their goals

Sample training materials


94% of practitioners

leave HENRY training with improved skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle child obesity

At least

70% of obese children

will go on to become obese adults

71% of practitioners

continue to use their HENRY skills more than 12 months after training

How and why RSPH accredited the training programme

HENRY is a national charity founded in 2007, working to make sure babies and young children have a healthy, happy start in life. As part of the accreditation process, the Healthy Families: Tackling Child Obesity with HENRY programme underwent an expert assessment looking at how effectively it equips health and early years practitioners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively and sensitively provide support to the parents of babies and young children at risk of long-term obesity.