Jamie Oliver Limited

The Jamie Oliver 5 day Train the Trainer Programme

The programme trains individuals to deliver Ministry of Food and Learn to Cook cooking and nutrition skills programmes in communities throughout the UK.

Campaign details

With obesity and diet-related diseases at an all time high and with cooking skills being a major predictor of people’s ability to make healthy food choices, it has never been more important to teach people how to cook.

The 5 day Jamie Oliver ‘Train the Trainer’ programme provides trainees with all the tools they need to deliver the 8 week, evidence-based Ministry of Food and Learn to Cook cooking and nutrition skills programmes in communities throughout the UK.

The programme includes practical cookery sessions, kitchen skills and training in the principles of nutrition. Among other learning outcomes trainees leave with the skills and ability to:

  • Make cooking lessons engaging and accessible to everyone
  • Adapt course content for different diets and different communities
  • Safely teach knife skills
  • Understand basic nutrition principles and how to embed this into cooking classes, making healthy eating fun and simple
  • See the importance of evaluation and how it contributes to the success of the programme


Sample campaign material 

Participants show an

80% increase

in confidence to deliver cooking classes

94% of trainees

improve their knowledge and confidence to deliver nutrition messages

Trainees see participants decrease snacks by


when they deliver the programme in their local communities

How and why RSPH accredited the training programme

RSPH’s accreditation assessment found the ‘Train the Trainer’ programme provides delegates with a thorough understanding of key nutrition messages, as well as how to create fun opportunities to teach others to cook healthy and nutritious meals from scratch.

There are plenty of opportunities within the programme for trainees to practise delivering cooking and nutrition sessions themselves, and to get feedback from the course tutors and other delegates. The programme is supported by excellent resources for both the tutor and the trainees. These support the delegates when they move on to delivering sessions themselves in their community, workplace or other settings.