Leeds City Council

The 'Health and Wellbeing Leeds' Training Programme

About the programme

Leeds City Council’s Public Health Department is committed to investing in the development and capacity building of the wider public health workforce through high quality training. It recognises that a broad range of people and organisations make a valuable contribution to improving the health & wellbeing of the people in the city, supporting the Council’s ambition that Leeds will be the "best City for Health and Wellbeing".

The Health and Wellbeing Leeds Training Programme is open to all those whose work involves improving the health and wellbeing of people and communities in Leeds. This includes health service staff and council employees, as well as emergency service staff and those from the voluntary, community and faith sectors. Sessions run over eight months and are designed to build on and enhance existing practice in tackling health inequalities and improving health and wellbeing of the people of Leeds. 

Subjects studied include Public Health principles, partnership working, working with communities, increasing effectiveness and evaluation.  Information about the programme can be accessed on the Leeds Public Health Resource Centre webpage.

Some comments from participants:
“A fantastic training programme which offers a wide range of health and wellbeing knowledge. A huge breadth of information, making me reflect on my current practices”

“The programme made me focus on the development of my role in relation to ‘partnership working’ and’ working with communities. The content also reinforced that my role encompasses a holistic approach to health concerns and wider determinants of public health”.    

“Public health is very relevant to my role as a librarian. The programme has empowered me to feel more confident in delivering health messages where I work”

Since 2007

445 participants

have been trained

Leeds will be

"the best city for Health and Wellbeing"

The programme supports the reduction in

health inequalities

in Leeds

How and why RSPH accredited the programme

RSPH assessment found that the programme meets its learning objectives and provides a thorough grounding in the concepts of public health which trainees can readily apply in their roles. The content of the sessions aligns with selected knowledge elements of the UKPHR practitioner standards. The programme is delivered by public health specialists, ensuring that evidence based practice is at the core of the programme.

The programme provides an excellent review of key elements of Public Health and is an exceptional development opportunity for the wider public health workforce in Leeds. Delegates consistently comment on the benefits of learning with colleagues from all sectors and that the networking opportunities are extremely valuable to better understand and deliver the challenging public health agenda.

Topics for the training are as follows:

Session 1  -  Public Health: Past, present and future
Session 2  -  Partnership working
Session 3  -  How to understand and interpret data
Session 4  -  Working with communities
Session 5  -  How to effect change
Session 6  -  Evaluation
Session 7  -  Increasing personal effectiveness
Session 8  -  Masterclass-a celebration of learning