LiveWell Dorset

Workforce development training programmes

The programme develops the skills of those with direct contact with the local community and encourages take up of LiveWell Dorset’s services.

About the programme

LiveWell Dorset is a behaviour change service providing information and advice for adults in Dorset who want to improve their health and wellbeing. The service supports those who want to move more, lose weight, stop smoking and drink less alcohol.

Providing residents with advice and information, it signposts to a range of local activities and classes. Individuals can access one-to-one telephone coaching from a Wellness Coach and the service extends its reach via social media campaigns.

RSPH accredits the associated LiveWell Dorset workforce development training programmes for those working in the local authority, healthcare and voluntary sectors. 


In a survey


of LiveWell respondents had reduced their alcohol consumption

More than 23,000 people

have accessed LiveWell Dorset to date

LiveWell Dorset is provided by

Public Health Dorset

How and why RSPH accredited the training programmes

The RSPH accreditation confirms the quality of the suite of training programmes in meeting their objectives. They help those working and volunteering in the local community to motivate others to make sustainable health behaviour changes, as well as promoting access and awareness of the LiveWell Dorset programme for local residents.

The training also helps the learner to build their own personal resilience through an understanding of subjects such promoting mental wellbeing and practical ways to manage stress. The course provides a thorough understanding of the resources and services provided through LiveWell Dorset so that the learner can confidently discuss the initiative with local residents.

Participants learn about models of behaviour change and the principles of having a “healthy conversation” to help them to signpost effectively to sources of advice and guidance.