Workplace Health Champions

The Workplace Health Champion (WHC) programme is an exciting and flexible approach to health education. It provides knowledge and practical skills, harnessing Health Champions’ natural energy and enthusiasm through peer-to-peer education and health promotion to bring about real and lasting change in an organisation and the organisation’s wider community.

Promoting positive health behaviours

The programme has four units, each focusing on different areas of healthy living and promoting positive health behaviours. The WHC programme will help champions identify how people fall into unhealthy practices, the personal and social consequences of these behaviours and how to improve the health of others around them by providing help and support.

Over two days you will cover:

  • Why health inequalities exist and how they can be addressed
  • The principles of health promotion
  • How to research local health facilities
  • How to communicate health improvement messages effectively
Who is it for?

This programme is suitable for those intending to develop their role as health champions in the workplace and provides a link between peers, professionals and specialist services.

Health Champions are not expected to give direct health advice, counselling or one-to-one support, but are likely to engage people in talking about health, provide information on relevant campaigns and guide individuals to relevant services where appropriate.

Our experienced trainers can deliver this programme in-house for a group of your colleagues. Alternately we also run an open programme in London.