Everyday Interactions focuses on the public health impact of four of the key healthcare professions within the wider workforce: nurses and midwives, dentists, allied health professionals and pharmacists (although it is hoped that it will have wider appeal) and aims to support these healthcare professionals as they record and measure their public health impact.


Public health impact pathways

The impact pathways produced in Everyday Interactions will support healthcare professionals to record what they ‘do’ in their interactions with individuals, what data can be collated and also the possible impacts from these interactions.

Demonstrating impact on these public health priorities is important to improving the public’s health, reducing health inequalities, and ultimately, preventing premature deaths from causes that public health interventions can, and should, prevent.

Select any one of the images below to access that pathway. 

Adult obesity


Smoking and tobacco

Mental wellbeing



Child oral health

Healthy beginnings

Childhood obesity

Sexual health

Physical activity

*Childhood obesity image taken from the World Obesity Federation website.

View the original report from 2017 and the old impact pathways here.