What are Everyday Interactions?

The Everyday Interactions report aims to help healthcare professionals record and measure their efforts so their work makes an even greater impact. First published in 2017, the Everyday Interactions toolkit was launched to support healthcare professionals to record their interactions with people. Working within the Make Every Contact Count (MECC) agenda, Everyday Interactions aims to further the effect that preventative measures have on improving the public's health. 

Click here to access updated impact pathways. 

You can read the updated Everyday Interactions report here and our calls to action here

Everyday Interactions elearning resources

RSPH and PHE have developed a short, free e-learning to support the Everyday Interactions toolkit.

The aim of this resource is to:

  • Introduce you to the Everyday Interactions impact pathways
  • Explain the importance of HCPs measuring their public health impact
  • Demonstrate how the impact pathways work
  • Provide a worked example of an impact pathway
  • Help identify actions which could be incorporated into your practice

Use the resource

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