RSPH Guest Blogs and Public Health News 

Our blogs include updates on the launch of a combined framework and what steps Allied Health Professionals can take to help people cut down on how how much they smoke. 

UK Health Security Agency (HSA) Blogs (formerly Public Health England)

Linda Hindle, Lead Allied Health Professional at UK HSA, explores AHP's involvement in national programmes and the roles the workforce can play in prevention.


AHP Public Health Webinars

View a recording of a Public Health ‘back to basics’ webinar for AHPs to understand:

  • What is meant by public health and health inequalities
  • The importance of taking a public health approach and addressing health inequalities
  • The role of AHPs in public health and addressing health inequalities


View a recording of a Public Health Tools and Resources for AHPs webinar, which is an opportunity to hear about the range of tools and resources available to support AHPs to take a public health approach.


This video introduces AHP research on health inequalities and the Kings Fund Framework for AHPs:


  • Access the Kings Fund Framework here
  • Access the research on Impact of Allied Health Professionals on Health Inequalities here

Health Inequalities Webinar for AHP Leaders:


Social Media and Podcasts 

The AHPS4PH series of podcasts offer discussion and learning around Allied Health Professionals role in public health and can be accessed here: AHPS4PH | Podcast on Spotify

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