Allied Health Professions Hub

The Allied Health Professions hub has a wealth of resources to support all Allied Health Professionals across the U.K. As the third-largest workforce in the NHS, Allied Health Professions work across a range of valuable areas of health and wellbeing. The aim of the hub is to provide information, encourage best practice and tell success stories of professionals who do incredible work every day to protect and improve the public's health.

The hub was created through a new collaboration with RSPH, the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, the Welsh Government, the Northern Ireland Government, the Scottish Government, the Public Health Agency, and key partner organisations. It will be continuously updated with the latest guidance, advice, and reports to support the work of all Allied Health Professions.

Case Studies

Our Allied Health Profession case studies show examples of best practice and innovation from across the sector.

Guidance, tools and training

Access a range of guidance and resources to support the work of Allied Health Professionals, including case studies on key programmes and initiatives from across the sector.

Reports and Evidence Base

Evidence and evaluation reports have been created and published by various Allied Health Professions on a range of public health areas.

E Learning

Access a range of resources on health inequalities


What is the Allied Health Professions Hub?