Allied Health Profession Case Studies

All our Allied Health Professional case studies show how innovative programmes and training can have a positive effect on the public's health and wellbeing. We are always open to hearing about and publishing new public health initiative case studies. If you run or know about a programme that you would like to submit a case study about, please do contact us for more details and read our case study template.


Children's Programmes and Services

          Lead of the British & Irish Orthoptic Society Visual Processing Difficulties Clinical Advisory                         Group

          Email: [email protected]

'Make Every Contact Count' Case Studies  

Health and Safety Initiatives

         Contact: Angela Crocker

         Lead Clinical Speech and Lanuage Therapist

         Carlisle Health and Wellbeing Centre

         [email protected]

Services for People With a Disability 

Mental Health and Wellbeing Programmes 

Additional Case Studies

           Freelance Dietitian

         Email: [email protected]

          Foodtalk CIC

           Email: [email protected]