The King's Fund: My Role in Tackling Health Inequalities: A Framework for Allied Health Professionals

The King’s Fund has worked with AHPs from across the UK to develop a framework to support any AHP to think through and understand their contribution to tackling health inequalities, whatever their role. The framework details how AHPs can raise awareness, take action and optimise advocacy.  You can read more here: My role in tackling health inequalities: a framework for allied health professionals | The King's Fund ( 

AHP Resources

  •  This video introduces AHP research on health inequalities and the Kings Fund Framework for AHPs:
  • Access the research on Impact of Allied Health Professionals on Health Inequalities here
  • Watch the video, Health Inequalities Webinar for AHP Leaders: 


Profession-Specific Resources

Further information and resources on how health inequalities can impact on your clinical practice, service and community.


A suite of materials on the topic is available here.

Further Infomation in Health Inequalities

Information and Guidence for AHPs

Download the PDF here

How the work of AHPs supports with the CORE20Plus5 national NHS England approach to reducing healthcare inequalities.

Download the PDF here