Dietetics - Profession specific descriptor for registered professionals and support workers

As experts in nutrition, the dietetic workforce understands that good diet and nutrition play a significant role in the prevention of many of the long-term conditions that impact the lives of an ever-increasing number of people and are costly to health and care services. But diet is not the only factor contributing to the increasing prevalence of long-term conditions such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, respiratory disease, and malnutrition.

The dietetic workforce is already talking to people in their care about other parts of their lifestyle that contribute to the development of ill-health such as physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, and loneliness, and are able to support people where mental health may be impacting their eating habits. Dietitians recognise the role of nutrition and skills relating to food growing and food preparation in social prescribing, which supports the well-being, and knowledge development of the people accessing services.

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