The National Team

The aim of the national team is to lead the national element of the programme and to provide help, support and guidance to the local delivery teams

The Local Delivery Teams

Each of the four police forces has a local delivery team responsible for running the programme in their police force area

The Criminal Justice Team

The Criminal Justice team is working with HM Prison and Probation Service in Wales, Wales Probation Services and HMP Parc to help create an ACE-aware workforce across the criminal justice sector

The Research Team

The Research team share a wealth of experience in programme evaluation design, measurement and delivery, with varying experiences across police, criminal justice, education, youth services and specific vulnerability demand

The ACE Coordinator Team

The ACE coordinators are at the forefront of shaping a trauma informed work force with police and key partners

The Programme Board

The Programme Board oversees the Police and Partners ACEs programme at a national level, providing governance, scrutiny and a steer to ensure delivery of the strategic partnership objectives