Welcome to the Early Action Together ACEs learning network

The Early Action Together ACEs learning network provides helpful information for the public, professionals and Police about the Early Action Together programme and its work in relation to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The aim is to share useful information and research about ACEs as well as best practice and resources.

This Early Action Together ACEs learning network has been developed by Public Health Wales, all four police forces in Wales and key partner organisations across the UK.

Mae’r dudalen hon ar gael yn Gymraeg hefyd.

About the programme

Early Action Together is a programme designed to take a public health approach to policing vulnerability across Wales using an ACE lens and being trauma informed

Who we are

The programme is a multi-agency partnership between Public Health Wales, the four Police forces in Wales, Police and Crime Commissioners, Barnardo’s and HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) in Wales


Local, regional, national and international news about ACEs


Read our range of published research on Adverse Childhood Experiences

Blogs and vlogs

Blogs and vlogs reflecting the varied work of different team members and partners who are involved in delivering the programme

Network map

Contact details of professionals and police who are involved in working with ACEs across the UK

Our partners

Details of partner organisations who are involved in both the Early Action Together programme specifically and in the ACE space in general