The police and partners ACEs programme - Early Action Together

Early Action Together is a new initiative involving public health, policing and criminal justice organisations across Wales, taking a public health approach to policing and criminal justice by intervening early and taking preventative measures in dealing with vulnerable people to address the root causes of criminal behaviour. 



Legislative landscape in Wales 

The legislation in Wales, along with a climate of funding cuts in the public sector means organisations are having to explore working differently. This presents the best opportunity in a long while to ensure a truly collaborative approach.

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) 2015 Act and the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act are just two pieces of legislation that highlight the Welsh Government’s commitment to prioritising collaborative working, integration, long term planning and prevention to improve the well-being of everyone in Wales, particularly those people who need care and support. 


Police vision for 2025 and the changing role of policing

Research in Wales has shown that demands on police are changing. Approximately 90% of demand on police is not crime related but relates to complex welfare, public safety and vulnerability issues, making the police well placed to intervene more effectively and reduce the impact of ACEs.

Forces in England and Wales are working towards a vision for local policing which states that ‘By 2025, local policing will be aligned and, where appropriate, integrated with other local public services to improve outcomes for citizens and protect the vulnerable.’


Partnership agreement

Public Health Wales and Policing and Criminal Justice partners across Wales, have signed an agreement to work together to improve the quality of life, wellbeing and safety of people living in Wales.