What is it?

The learning outcomes include coverage of the nutritional requirements for a healthy diet, the effect of diet on health and the importance of hydration.

Learners will take a single unit, Principles of Nutrition, but may add additional units at a later date to obtain the RSPH Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Institutional Food Services or the RSPH Level 4 Certificate in Nutrition for Physical Activity and Sport.

This qualification is regulated by Ofqual/CCEA and Qualification Wales.

This qualification is on The Education and Skills Funding Agency list of qualifications approved for funding.

Who is it for?

This qualification is suitable for individuals who require an understanding of nutrition and diet and their effect on health. 

It is particularly relevant for people working in the health, fitness or catering professions who might have a role in the promotion of healthy eating or the preparation of meals, menus and diets.

How do I apply?

For learners: see below for your nearest centre. Centres are listed alphabetically - to find the centre nearest to you, please use the location finder.

For current centres: if you are interested in delivering this qualification, please visit the Centre Area and register your interest. 

How do I become an RSPH-approved centre?
If you’re planning to deliver one of our qualifications, you will need to become a RSPH registered centre.

To become an approved centre and to gain qualification approval, please visit our Become a centre page.

Centres offering this qualification

21 centres offering this qualification

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Mill Barn, 32 Mill Street, Prees, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 2DL
Tel: 01948 258928, Email: [email protected], Website: http://www.passion4food.me

88 Viewpoint, Consett Business Park, Consett, Co Durham, Co Durham, DH8 6BN
Tel: 01207 562 931 , Fax: 01207562931 , Email: [email protected]

67 Wessex Estate, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 1XD
Tel: 01425 482831 , Email: [email protected], Website: http://www.aaronscottandblack.net

29 St. Martin Green, IP11 0UN
Tel: 07739 713821, Email: [email protected], Website: https://www.ablequicklearn.com

79 Lever Street, Manchester, M1 1FL
Tel: 01612355307, Email: [email protected], Website: http://www.activehealthgroup.co.uk

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