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What do the public think?

What do the public think?

How much do the public know about the calorie content of alcohol? And would they back calorie labelling on alcoholic drinks?

Our new video takes to the streets

Impact Report 2013–2014

Impact Report 2013–2014

Our new report gives us an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate our past achievements while looking ahead to some of our exciting future developments.


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Blog: West Midlands Fire Service; the wider public health workforce

The West Midlands Fire Service is a large, relatively untapped public health resource with potential the to impact on virtually every important issue affecting health and wellbeing. They have a key role in terms of “prevention” and risk reduction strategy, targeted at vulnerable communities shown to be at highest risk of deprivation and ill health.

Youth Health Champion Movement Training Support

We are encouraging organisations to demonstrate their commitment to empowering young people to make informed choices by supporting the youth health movement that is taking shape. Part of this movement is our Certificate for Youth Health Champions and in support of this we are launching a series of Training Support Days beginning this December.