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Level 2 Award in Understanding Mental Wellbeing

Level 2 Award in Understanding Mental Wellbeing

A new qualification exploring the importance of mental wellbeing including the effect on individuals and community and how it can be improved.

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Benefits of RSPH membership

Benefits of RSPH membership

Did you know one of the benefits of becoming an RSPH Fellow is access to the international journal Public Health?

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Water webinars

Water webinars

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Water Quality Legislation: Guidelines vs Best Practice- Dr Susanne Lee Leegionella Ltd on behalf of the International Forum of Water Hygiene in Buildings, Chaired by Paul McDermott
Independent endorsement

Independent endorsement

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Knowsley Council’s “2 minute health messages” receive RSPH training accreditation

To help with improving the health and wellbeing of residents, Knowsley Council has trained all frontline staff and other stakeholders to offer brief lifestyle advice and how to access further information to customers and residents during their day to day work.

Private Water Suppliers-Learning About Best Practice in Action

2014 sees the end of the 5-year period set for statutory compliance with the Private Water Supplies Regulations and thus the EU Drinking Water Directive. Local authorities and those responsible for private supplies have major challenges facing them this year and next, including completing risk assessment programmes and getting compliance with the legislation. This conference brings together many areas of best practice and solutions to common problems.


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